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My "new" cast iron skillet ~

I was given an amazing gift by my step-mother. She no longer wanted her grandmother's cast iron skillet. She said it was too heavy for her and she no longer uses it. I had been wanting a cast iron skillet for months but was not thrilled about buying one from a store.

I know what you are thinking why is this relevant to midwifery or prenatal care? Cooking in cast iron gives your food an extra boost of iron. During pregnancy there is a natural drop in hemoglobin between 18 and 22 weeks as there is a blood volume expansion. Then it is possible to spend the rest of your pregnancy trying to build back your iron. There are many natural ways to do this and cooking in a cast iron skillet is one of those ways.

If you are interested in all of the other natural ways to increase your hemoglobin please check out my list at the following link:

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