Choices of Recommended Chlorophyll Supplements

Chlorophyll is similar to hemoglobin in human blood. Chlorophyll's role in plants produces oxygen as a by product, it’s molecular structure is similar to the hemoglobin of human blood. Hemoglobin is our body's oxygen transporter.  By taking chlorophyll into our bodies, we elevate the integrity of hemoglobin in our blood and that translates into improved energy, circulation and oxygenation.

Nature's Sunshine Chlorophyll

This Chlorophyll supplement is available for purchase from Amazon.  

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Standard Process Chlorophyll Complex

Standard Process Chlorophyll Complex

This Chlorophyll supplement is available available at your local chiropractor or you can order it from Amazon.

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World Organic Mega Chlorophyll

World Organic Mega Chlorophyll

This Chlorophyll supplement is available at your local Vitamin Shoppe or Sprouts.  You can also order it from Amazon.

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