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The Miles Circuit

About the Miles Circuit

""I named this "circuit" after my friend Megan Miles, who shared and discussed it with me when I was working with a client whose labor seemed to be stalled out and no longer progressing.  On the phone, we brainstormed some strategies and Megan shared this set of positions that she favored.  My client did the circuit and soon we had a baby!  I started calling it the "Miles Circuit" and teaching it in doula trainings, childbirth classes and using it with clients.

This circuit is useful to help get the baby lined up, ideally, in the "Left Occiput Anterior" (LOA) Position, both before labor begins and when some corrections need to be done during labor.

Prenatally, this position set can help to rotate a baby. As a natural method of induction, this can help get things going if baby just needed a gentle nudge of position to set things off. 

In labor, I often suggest this set of postions when labor seems to be not progressing. (ie contractions are not getting stronger, longer and closer together) mom has back labor, or the postion is determined to be not LOA, either by vaginal exam or external palpation.  

To the best of my knowledge, this group of positions will not "hurt" a baby that is already lined up correctly."

- Sharon Muza, CD(DONA), LCCE, DONA Approved Birth Doula Trainer

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