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Thrush is no fun, and can easily be passed between you and baby through breastfeeding. Here's what you can do to help:


For Baby: Sprinkle some powdered probiotic from a capsule on baby's tongue before you nurse. Alternatively, you can use gentian violet on baby's tongue. Be sure to coat the tongue completely (using a cotton swab). Warning: this is messy and turns baby's mouth a deep purple.


For Mom: Cut out all added sugar in your diet and limit naturally produced sugars as well (such as high glycemic fruits like melons, grapes, and bananas). Be sure to take a probiotic and Vitamin C, and stay hydrated. If severe, contact your midwife. She will most likely have you cut out all sugars and carbs so you are eating protein and veggies to help your body get rid of the extra yeast. Remember, yeast feeds on sugar

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