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1. Use support hose
2. Support belt for labial varicosities
3. Avoid constrictive clothing
4. Avoid standing for long periods of time and on hard surfaces
5. Elevate legs periodically
6. Use good posture and do not cross legs
7. High fiber diet
8. Rutin supplements-50 mg daily (starting in 2nd trimester!)
9. Butchers Broom- 2 capsules 250-500mg 2-3 x’s daily
10. Bilberry - 2 capsules 450 mg 3x’s daily
11. Wear support girdle
12. Nettle tea 1-2 cups daily
13. Vitamin C with bioflavonoid
14. Hawthornberry extract (1/4 t 2-3x’s daily)
15. Witch Hazel bark infusion used on cloths and applied to veins
16. Varigone or variplex supplement (We prefer trying this 1st before any otheR supplements)

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