Home Birth Supplies

We love home births!

Please collect all of these items by 37 weeks and have them together in the room where you think you will be birthing. This way it will be easy for us to find the things we will need when we come to your home when you are in labor. You can make the bed with one set of sheets, spread plastic over bed, and then make the bed on top of the plastic with a second older set of sheets that can get messy. This will make for easier clean up after the birth and will save the bed if your water breaks early.

 Order your custom birth kit <<here>>, this must be done before 37 weeks pregnancy.

 Please have dresser top or table in birth area for supplies and equipment.

 6-8 large towels (these do not need to be new, but if they are, they should be washed and dried at least three times.  They will be washed after the birth and suitable for continued use)

 2+ bed pillows covered in plastic bags or plastic pillow protectors

 2 sets of clean bed linen *See instructions on how to prepare your bed

 Cheap shower liner or fitted plastic mattress cover (to protect your bed)

 Small fish net if planning a water birth

 2 tall laundry baskets or trash cans (1 for trash and 1 for soiled linens) cover with black trash bag and place extra in the bottom

 Flashlight with extra batteries

 Hydrogen peroxide (spot treating laundry)

 Large pot for boiling and preparing herbal bath

 1 large fresh bulb of garlic for herbal bath

 1 wire strainer to drain herbs

 paper towels

 3 ziploc bags (gallon sized)

 Emergency back up plan "filled out" and put on the front of your refrigerator.

  • You will get this form in your 36 week handouts or you can print it from <<here>>

 Birth tub (find birth tub instructions here)

 New unused garden hose if using water birth pool (long enough to reach the tub)

 Empty washing machine and drier so the birth team can wash linens and towels after birth

 Heating pad

For the Mother:

 Clothes while in labor

 Large bed pads, 8-10 count (they’ll be in the adult diaper section)

 Overnight pads or depends

 Snacks (energy bars, juice popsicles, crackers, fruit, etc)
 Energy drinks (sports drink/Gatorade)
 Meal for after birth (prepared ahead or easy to fix up)

 Pain relief for postpartum (Ibuprofen, Tylenol, AfterEase)

 Any other things for comfort that you would like (hot water bottle, ice/cold packs, music, candles, massage oils for back rubs, etc)

For the Baby:

 Receiving blankets

 Pre-washed clothes (onesie, gown, footed sleeper, socks, hat) baby must be dressed in layers

 1-2 stocking hats

 Diapers and wipes

 Car seat purchased and installed

For the Birth Team:

 Food and bottled water (easy to grab snacks such as fruit, veggie trays, cheese, crackers, meat, etc.) your birth team will not be bale to leave your home once active labor begins.  Eating is important for all.
 Parking for the midwife and her assistants.

 If you contact your midwife after dark be sure to unlock your front door and turn your porch light on.




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