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Birth Center Supplies

What to bring to the birth center?

For Mom:
☐ Clothes while in labor (a night gown or loose cotton dress)
☐ Sports bra, swim top or tank top if you desire to labor in the tub and wish to be covered. 
☐ Depends briefs *
☐ Sanitary napkins *
☐ Clothes to wear home
☐ Slippers, bathrobe and or warm socks
☐ Relaxing music uploaded to phone
☐ Favorite pillows (birth center will have pillows, but you may prefer your own)
☐ Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, deodorant, etc.)
☐ Snacks/drinks/food for you and father to eat/drink during labor, choose snacks high in protein and easy for you to digest.
☐ Filling meal for after the birth, we will require you to eat a full meal before you are discharged home. You can bring a prepared frozen meal or have someone bring you food. * 
☐ Camera
☐ Cell phone and charger

For Baby:
1. Car seat and working knowledge on how to use (should be installed at 36 weeks)
2. Comfortable pre-washed clothes to bring baby home in. Baby must be dressed in
layers (gown (2), onesie (2), socks, receiving blanket, newborn cap, etc.)
3. Diapers and baby wipes
4. Swaddle blanket/Warm blanket

For Dad:
□Swim trunks (If he wants to get into birth tub with you) 
□Extra set of comfortable clothes


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