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What to do:

  • Drink, drink, drink! You need the recommended half your body weight in ounces PLUS 8oz to 1 quart when you are outside in the heat or being active/sweating. 

  • You must practice excellent hygiene.

  • Pee! Empty your bladder frequently and at the first sign of the need - don't hold it.

  • Drink unsweetened/naturally sweetened cranberry or apple juice. 

  • Take cranactin: 1-2 tablets every 3-4 hours with plenty of water.

  • Take D-Mannos as directed on the bottle.

  • Take Vitamin C:  Up to 6000 mg per day. 

  • Drink Uva Ursi tea or take Uva Ursi tincture:

    • One cup of tea or one dropper full of tincture every four hours while
      symptoms persist (first two days)

    • One cup a day or one dropper full of tincture for three days after
      symptoms disappear

    • Do not use for more than ten days total

  • If symptoms do not improve quickly, the midwife will send a clean catch urine specimen to the lab for testing (this test is an extra charge). If symptoms persist or worsen, the midwife will refer to a physician for treatment.

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