Low Hemoglobin

What this means: Your lab results come back and your hemoglobin is not high enough, or close enough, to 12.0.


What you need to do: Pay special attention to your diet. You should be eating lots of: red meat, dark leafy greens, dates and other high iron foods.


If you are 28 (+) weeks we will also want you to double your chlorophyll (so instead of taking just one twice a day we'll have you take two twice a day). Keep in mind it is more harmful to stop taking chlorophyll suddenly, as this can cause a drastic drop in your hemoglobin, than it is to take it at the wrong time.


If you are 36 (+) weeks you need to add desiccated calf liver. Take this at the same time as your chlorophyll and Vitamin C. Your midwife may make some alterations to this schedule for you specifically.


If you are vegetarian or vegan, ask your midwife for healthy alternatives for a high iron diet.