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Cold and Sore Throat

Do you have chills, low grade fever, general "under the weather" feeling, and/or sore throat?


Increase fluids; water, water, water! On top of water, bone broth is a good source of electrolytes and nourishment.

Increase Vitamin C intake (up to 6,000mg a day).

Colloidal Silver is a natural antibiotic that will kill strep when swallowed and it will help make all sore throats better. One dropper full every hour unless you are sleeping until symptoms are gone.

Taking a probiotic is important for encouraging good bacteria growth.

Thieves, RC, Raven, and Peppermint essential oils work well to combat the symptoms of a cold and/or sore throat while also helping your body fight off the sickness and recover. You can diffuse and apply all of the aforementioned oils. Apply thieves to the bottoms of your feet and palms of your hands and continuously diffuse. Raven applied to the sinuses and RC to the chest help increase your ability to breathe while also opening up your sinuses. Peppermint may be applied to your temples for headaches or pressure, but a little goes a long way, peppermint is a strong oil.

Drinking warm liquids can be soothing for sore throats (bone broth, and herbal teas that are caffeine free)

If you feel the need for extra hydration and immune support you can go get an IV from HydroPros.

Cold and Sore Throat
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